April 2019

Duty Of a Advocate Towards Fellow Advocates

A Lawyer plays a very important role in the administration of justice. The lawyers have to follow some rules and regulations in their professional life. A lawyer have to act in a dignified manner in the court. An advocate must represent himself with self respect. A good lawyer can help you to solve your case in the professional manner. Rules Of A Lawyer An advocate has to follow a lot of rules and he has some duties towards the court, public, colleagues, opponents and client. Check Best Advocate in Jaipur – Legal Advisor Jaipur Duty Of A Lawyer Towards Client Once a lawyer agree to serve the client, he can not withdraw from the service. If a lawyer is himself the witness then he can not take the charges of that case. A lawyer can not suppress the evidence or any material. A lawyer is not allowed to disclose the communications between the […]