Duty Of a Advocate Towards Fellow Advocates

A Lawyer plays a very important role in the administration of justice. The lawyers have to follow some rules and regulations in their professional life. A lawyer have to act in a dignified manner in the court. An advocate must represent himself with self respect. A good lawyer can help you to solve your case in the professional manner.

Rules Of A Lawyer

An advocate has to follow a lot of rules and he has some duties towards the court, public, colleagues, opponents and client.

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Duty Of A Lawyer Towards Client

  • Once a lawyer agree to serve the client, he can not withdraw from the service.
  • If a lawyer is himself the witness then he can not take the charges of that case.
  • A lawyer can not suppress the evidence or any material.
  • A lawyer is not allowed to disclose the communications between the client and himself.
  • An advocate can not charge depending on the success of matters.
  • An advocate have to keep the proper documents.
  • A lawyer must not lend any money to his or her clients.

Duty Of A Lawyer Toward Opponents

  • A lawyer can not negotiate directly with the opposing party.
  • A lawyer have to keep his legitimate promises.

Duty Of A Lawyer Towards Court

  • It is must to respect the court.
  • A lawyer must not communicate in private with the judge regarding case.
  • A lawyer should refuse the illegal manner towards the opposition.
  • They can also refuse the clients who wants to use any unfair means.
  • They have to represent themselves in proper dress code.
  • An advocate is not supposed to wear the gown or band at public place.
  • They should not take part in the matters of pecuniary interest.